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Nandrobol - 250



Nandrolone Propionate50mg/ml

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate50mg/ml

Nandrolone Cypionate50mg/ml

Nandrolone Decanoate100mg/ml

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Manufacturer: Lyka Labs Ltd, India

Supplier: Belarus


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    Packaging: 2 ml.

    Concentration of the active ingredients: 250 mg / ml.

    Manufacturer: LYKA LABS LTD (India).

    Active ingredients: nandrolone propionate50 mg, nandrolone phenyl propionate 50mg, nandrolone cypionate 50mg, nandrolone decanoate 100 mg.


    Effect of Nandrobol-250

    Nandrobol-250 – is a drug that has both mild androgenic and high anabolic activity. Nandrobol – is a drug which is a mixture of esters, which includes four esters of familiar to all of us Nandrolone. The main feature of the drug is its ability to bind with protein receptors located on the top of the muscle cells. Due to it upon penetration of the drug into the cells it activates the action of genes-regulators.


    Nandrobol-250 - is the drug which differs from a number of ether compounds by its esters position in its composition. The first one is propionate, but not phenyl, as it is in most of the ethereal drugs. The second is laurate, while in vast majority of the drugs this place is occupied by decanoate. This feature of the structure of nandrobol provides protection to the athlete from the appearance of "white spots" on the course, i.e. the time periods of a less active influence of the drug, and also has a positive effect on the activity and effects of the drug in general.

    From the point of view of androgenic activity, the drug Nandrobol is a stimulator of the synthesis of DNA and RNA acids. Also androgenic effects of Nandrobol-250 are based on strengthening the respiratory ability of the tissues and increasing the physiological, i.e. on increasing the strength and physical performance of the man who intakes it. Anabolic aspect of the effects of the drug it is the ability to influence on the activation of reparatory processes in the epithelium, bones and muscles. In addition the drug is able to positively affect the absorption of amino acids, i.e. to establish nitrogen balance in the body.


    Among the negative side effects of the drug there is a relatively high water retention, which excesses the level thereof in most part of non-ether drugs, but still is lower than that of testosterone, or other drugs based on esters. A significant advantage of the drug is its affordability.


    Peculiarities of application, dosage and combination of Nandrobol-250

    Nandrobol-250 is an excellent tool, drug for intake, for both novice and experienced athletes. It is explained mainly by the properties and peculiarities of the drug effect. Firstly, Nandrobol is practically harmless. Secondly, it is weakly aromatized, the drug has low conversion into a rather weak and inactive nortestosterone. Although this feature can be perceived in two ways, since aromatization is that what the athletes, preparing for competitions look for in the drug. Thirdly, the drug due to its effectiveness is better than the majority of other etheric drugs.


    The average dosage for men, considered to be both effective and absolutely harmless, is equal to 300-800 mg per week. It is possible to inject the drug in several ways. Either once within a period of 7-10 days, or one cube during five days. I will say one thing – do not immediately start from the maximum permissible dosage, i.e. the dosage of 800 mg, because Nandrobol-250, even with a minimal dosage is able to give the athlete the muscle growth of 10 kg in the first weeks of admission. Also I will note that the best option of Nandrobol intake would be correlation of the dosage with the body mass, individual characteristics of the athlete, his body and experience of application of chemicals.


    Nandrobol - is a unique drug which is able to give the athlete the outstanding results, both on a single course and on the course of its combination with other steroid drugs. Among combinations of Nandrobol we must say about such combination as Nandrobol and Methandienone. This combination can make real miracles, preventing the drugs from over-activity and enhancing their positive effects.



    Peculiarities of intake of Nandrobol-250 by women

    Nandrobol – is a very popular drug among women. The average and the most common dosage for women which provides an increase in muscle mass and strength ranges between 50 and 100 mg per week. Only these dosages can save the fair half of the humanity from the risks and manifestations of virilization and of the accumulation of excessive, unnecessary androgens in the blood. The phenomena of virilization, i.e. increased growth of body hair, the appearance of acne, the deformation of the clitoris and changes in voice, and a number of other problems is very common case when applying Nandrobol-250 in women, therefore I would recommend that women do not exceed the permissible dosage under any circumstances.


    Side effects, effects of Nandrobol-250

    Most side effects of Nandrobol-250 are common to all the other ether drugs. These are:

    • acne manifested when using high dosages, the dosages beyond the limits.
    • accumulation of fluids in the body, from which you can easily get rid of with the help of auxiliary products.
    • high blood pressure.

    However, this drug also has very rare for this type of substances side effects. Firstly, these include an increased aggression – this is a rare case, but still it manifests itself during the intake of Nandrobol. At the rest aspects the drug can be considered virtually harmless. Of course, you will not call this drug as a dangerous one to one’s health.


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